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Deeply rooted in live events within the Music and Entertainment Industry, we got our start securing live performances for our clients. From Concert Touring, Artistic Productions, Artist Management to Business Development and Partnership Relations, we have had the opportunity to work alongside top brands, organizations and celebrities. With these experiences, comes perspective that ultimately changed the way we see the world of live entertainment. With wellness and self care at the forefront of the healthcare industry, we believe our experience in the Entertainment Industry would be better utilized helping others. 


That's why we are devoting our attention to addressing health in our personal lives and within our communities and what that may look like from another point of view.  We are creating a community of industry professionals who want to contribute their knowledge and experiences to enhance the wellbeing of our lives. The Gesture Group is providing the platform for personalized and intimate events through experimental workshops, artistic visual productions and private dinners. Our events create a space for open-minded communities to connect, practice self awareness and explore what others can only imagine.  



We are seeking industry professionals in Southern California who are on the forefront of what is trending in wellness, visual art, food and technology. 


For more information, contact JSternick@TheGestureGroup.com


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Current as of August 2020