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Fern Plant


Fern Plant

Earth Day Wellness Retreat 

Our retreat provides neuroscience-backed techniques to relax, reconnect to your authentic self, enhance focus, creativity and re-imagine your contribution to improving our ecosystem.


Come as you are, our programming is carefully curated for your enjoyment. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the retreat with our wellness experiences that are widely based on subconscious practice for relaxation. Jump freely in and out of sessions as you choose. Take as many breaks in the Lounge as you need to refresh, share ideas and build community with today's thought leaders. 


Leaf Stem


Ground yourself outdoors with a Therapeutic Massage, Sound Therapy, Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation sessions throughout your stay. 


Being a mindful leader is looking back on the footprints we leave behind in our ecosystem. Learn how work-life balance impacts our Earth.


Enjoy the cool Pacific Ocean breeze and connect with today’s executive leaders as we bring together the community in a curated seated panel discussion. 

outdoor furniture chairs


We support your self reflection journey. Our lounge will provide you the space to journal, refresh, share ideas and build community with today’s thought leaders.

Tasting Menu & Beverages

Our menu brings together fresh California sourced ingredients and a rich array of seasonal Spring flavors to nourish a healthy microbiome in your body.

Outdoor Massage.jpg

Therapeutic Massage

Experience a non-invasive integrative treatment using a combination of kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques. Your licensed Massage Therapist will assess your postural issues, mobility, circulation and nerve compressions that may be affecting your nervous system.

Sound Therapy + Reiki

Soak in these sonic techniques used to balance the nervous system and improve overall health. This non-invasive sensory experience uses sound-waves to improve your psychological and physiological health while boosting the immune system, lowering stress levels while promoting relaxation.


Breathwork + Meditation

In combination, the two enable you to activate the ability to concentrate and be more present and aware. While using breathwork taps into your autonomic nervous system to alter how you feel physically and mentally.


Explore your body’s limits through grounding movement techniques which can release tension and stress your body is harboring. This practice will increase your cognitive function, resulting in better memory and concentration.

You help create the impact we see for the future.
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